Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quick switches

I've done my rounds for tonight and man does it take long to do. I think I'm following some 140-150 blogs and doing my part for all of them! While I was doing it, I had lots of time to let my mind wander..

In the past 2 years or so, I've been doing double-takes with things in my life.  When I first got my driver's license at 18, I was so scared to drive even 20 miles away from my neighborhood, let alone drive through any major city.  After college, the most appealing thing in driving I can think of, is going on a spontaneous roadtrip, no planning ahead, no destination; just driving away.  When I was in high school, I wanted to save my virginity until I was married.  And then a few years after I immediately gave that up, and never regretted it.  Nowadays, I welcome the passion and the intimacy.

I used to listen to strictly electronic music, and in the past few years I've stretched out to all kinds.  Everything from country to bluegrass to acoustic folk music, heck even smooth elevator jazz music haha.  Nowadays, I'm into this amazing singer/songwriter William Fitzsimmons, who hits on all cylinders with melody, lyrics, and vocal performances. Heck he even does it all with a mammoth beard:

What genres of music have you guys branched out into recently? There's always something new to sample out there, anything from dubstep to bluegrass to Justin Bieber haha. I'm sure you guys have some new favorites right?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Yay sub-polygon displacement

Whipped it up in Cinema 4D 11.5 with a sphere with sub-polygon displacement tag.  Lots of fun shapes.